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House in Fukui

This house was built in the suburbs of Fukui.

The house has an L-shaped plan. It faces the main building , which is an old timber house, forming a courtyard in the middle. The eaves of the courtyard side of the house are louvered forming an edge.

The edge of the building makes folds like the teeth of a saw and blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors while creating interesting activity spaces for the owner of the building. In the short side of the “L” is rooms intended to be used by members of the community for various activities and the whole building is covered by one overarching roof. The height of the roof was set the same as the surrounding neighbourhood in order not to be be respect the surrounding environment.

Type: Villa

Location:Fukui city

Structure:Wooden / 2 storeys

Site Area:486.65 ㎡

Building Area:139.71 ㎡

Total Floor Area:164.79 ㎡

Term:2007.6-2008.4 (Design)、2008.4-2008.12 (Construction)

設計:worklounge03- + Tsujioka Miho(worklounge03-:Takemori Hiroomi)

Below Photo from Google Map

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