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This project was an extension to build VIP rooms for a restaurant in the Hanoi city centre.

The rooms were designed as curved private rooms, the in between spaces were used for sound insulation and as lighting boxes.

In Vietnam, there are not as many different construction materials available, and many overseas materials are not suitable for Hanoi’s climate, deteriorating quickly. For this reason were drawin to using Vietnamese traditional materials and construction methods.

We used bamboo and rattan traditional crafting techniques to make the surface of the curved walls and light boxes.

Type: Interior / Furniture

Place: Hanoi, Vietnam

Area: 210sqm

Period: 2015.03-2015.06 [Design], 2015.06-2016.03 [Construction]

Team: Hiroomi Takemori, Tran Dai Nghia (NH VILLAGE ARCHITECTS)


Photo: Hiroyuki Oki

KIMONO Restaurant

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