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Head Office Proposal in Shizuoka, Japan

In the past our businesses and our lives would spill out onto the street. people selling, people coming to buy, neighbors living nearby, life would happen in the open for all to see.

Now the purpose of the street has largely changed to that of "transport",  we don't have the interaction or activity there anymore. As people just move along looking at their own feet there isn't much opportunity for new things to happen in our cities.The new Kawata office is located on an active street that everybody can enjoy and creates an exciting public space called "Mishima Community Terrace". That street is connected to the town of Mishima and beyond that connected to the rest of the world.

Mishima is a station on the shinkansen line and  has good access to Narita International Airport. For guests and partners visiting from other regions of Japan and around the world, the Kawata Office located at the North Exit of the station is the doorstep to Kawata Construction and to the city of Mishima. From this position you can admire Mount Fuji and begin to explore the town of Mishima. we imagine the faces of those visiting from different regions and different countries enjoying this experience. We made this proposal for those working in the office,  for those living in Mishima, for those visiting the office and partners of the company to interact in the same space and for that place to become Mishima's platform for the world.

Type:Office Building

Location:Mishima, Shizuoka, Japan

Steel Structure, 4 storeys

Site Area:486.65 sqm

Construction Floor Area:1140.04 sqm

Gross Floor Area:2184.87 sqm

Design:Worklounge03-Vietnam(Takemori Hiroomi+Pham Nguyet Anh)

                Takaghi Shigeo Architect(Takagi Kazushige)

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