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​Hotel in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is 3 hours from Hanoi and the site of a beach resort development. The brick facade of this project gently protects from the salt blown in by the wind.

In order to promote natural cross ventilation we designed a central courtyard in the hotel which is planned to be used as a wedding reception area.

The top floor penthouse has a timber roof structure inspired by a fish bone which ties the space together. The gently curving edge blurs the boundary of the rooftop garden, uniting the interior room, garden and sea as 1 space.

​Type: Architectural Design

Place: Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

Area: 21200sqm

Period: 2017.06-2017.12 [Design], 

Team: Hiroomi Takemori, Pham Gia Thang

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