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Design Flow

1. First of all, please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail etc and come to the office once.

(In case of remote location, we may ask you)

I will explain the owner's idea, hobby and thinking as much as possible and we will explain how we approach our work.

I would like you to feel free to see our office as you think about the first time meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we do not claim any costs for the first time.


2. Please bring the document and drawing of the land.

There is nothing to prepare besides that in particular.

(It is no problem even if the site is not decided.)

Please tell us what you want to realize and what is important for your house, building and facility.

Other than that, I will ask questions about your budget and current life situation.


3. At the first interview, we will talk to you in brief and create a presentation to consider the design request. (Simple drawing and model · CG etc. We will have time for about 6 ~ 15 weeks)

Thereafter, if we make contract, no special expenses will be incurred.

If contract is not reached, presentation creation fee will be charged 3,000 USD.

4. Design fee depends on the estimate separately depending on the size and use)

Could you please let us know the project information and make our quotation.

Now projects in Japan, Vietnam and other overseas are ongoing.

In the case of remote locations, we claim the actual transportation expenses separately from the design supervision fee.

(We will quote separately depending on conditions)

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